sâmbătă, 27 octombrie 2012

Lace Guestbook for a Little Princess / Carte de Oaspeti cu Dantela Pentru o Mica Printesa

 I didn't intend that all guestbooks I design have to be accessorized with this kind of flowers , but it seems that you really like them ;)).

Although I had a dilemma related to its covers I am more than happy with the result. It's fluffy and precious enough for the princess whom it was intended. I like its slightly vintage more shabby chic look.

 The natural and  mallorca pearls  are giving a discrete shine emphasizing its precious appearance. This book is a photo album and book of memories at the same time - this was mother's desire.
What you see in the picture bellow are some favor boxes along with some gift cards that I've made for the same little girl; but I'll show them to you another time.

 I provided this guestbook with its own box and two decorated pens- keeping the theme colors, of course.

Enough with the description; my princess Agnes, is claiming her share of my time :)))

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