marți, 19 martie 2013

Nonconformist Bridal Bouquets / Buchete Nonconformiste de Mireasa

Perhaps some of you are already aware of the latest trends from outside...
As I said in another post , I like the  nonconformist trends prevailing the weddings abroad.
I watch  daily some blogs of  foreign and romanian photographers as well, and I'm noticing , more and more, that  something is changing...
A wedding can be glamorous but original ,may be simple but elegant ....
may be on a budget, without necessarily seeing it in its organization or in small details ....

Here are two examples of bridal bouquets that would fit into this pattern: I made them for the local wedding fair, but because they were so popular I thought writing this post.

 These bouquets are  statements of fact that by combining different materials, textures, elements, some spectacular results can be obtained.
The first one is suited for a marine themed wedding, but with feminine and vintage accents: from here the lace and the natural pearls in two shades :salmon and ivory.

The second one is a combination of different sizes paper Kusudama flower modules made by my colleague Ioana - she has a natural born talent making this kind of things, among others :) -, lace, crepe paper quilling roses, feathers and glass pearls


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