luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

Red Masquerade Wedding Card...But Not Velvet!

Hello again and a happy new year to you all my viewers!
As you see  I slowed down a bit with the posts and updates for this bog but I promiss I'll catch back! We are preparing for this year's edition of the local wedding fair, so we will have interesting things to show you.

This is a simple cardstock version of my venetian invitations; they were made for a brine who lounched me a challenge: making  a new design for a venetian inspired wedding invitation. We first started making a velevet version, rememeber these invitations... but because of price range we ended making this version. However, then, I was telling you about the inconveniences that we had  in overcaming some attitude issues from the bride. Well, although the result was a very nice and noble looking set of wedding cards the bride didn't agree.

We are letting you to analize the pictures and asking you to give us a feedback. Sometimes, despite the efforts and soul involvement we don't receive positive appreciations, so , at least I ,promise myself to detach a little.  It's hard, because every prototype I'm making  has a piece of my soul, my time, my life, my babygirl time. Think about it...

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