vineri, 26 noiembrie 2010

The Christmas Spirit is everywhere! / Spiritul Craciunului e peste tot!

I love this time of the makes me feel a child again! In fact, what I like most about this season is receiving gifts, anything, just to be gifts!
So, I thought to myself: I could contribute to the happiness of other people! Why shouldn't I?!
Therefore, at this time I will make more Christmas Cards which will be delighting the hearts of those who will be receiving them.
This are the thoughts that have been making me to create this Christmas Card:

I adapted a custom envelope to this card's dimensions and I decorated it with golden paysley stamps.

With this card I subscribe 2S4Y CHALLENGE
Wish me luck!

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Tatanky spunea...

Hi Natalia !! Great idea everybody loves to receive a Christmas card specially a hand made one. The envelope is great. Good luck on the challenge.

Natasa spunea...

Thank you Tatanky!

SOS spunea...

Hi! I think the same Tatanky... is a great idea...

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Natasa spunea...

Thank you!

Laura Davis spunea...

Very pretty!
Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

Kristii spunea...

Sooooo pretty!!!! Love the embossing!!!

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